Dmytro Snisarenko

Software Engineer

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I'm a full-stack developer with more than 15 years of experience. The setup for my last three projects happens to be AWS / Serverless / Lambda / NodeJS / Typescript for the backend, Angular / React / VanillaJS / WebComponents for the front end, Cypress / Jest / Endtest for testing, and CI/CD / Terraform for ongoing automation.

Professional Experience

Nov 2022 - Present

Airfrance/KLM, Amstelveen, NL

Software Engineer, Contract

NodeJS Typescript CI/CD GitHub Actions Kubernetes Angular A/B Testing

Maintaining and developing client-facing web application of one of the biggest airlines in the world.

Nov 2021 - Present

Vocably, Weesp, NL

Founder, Software Engineer

AWS GCP Terraform NodeJS React Native Angular OAuth Browser Extensions Typescript

Vocably is a platform (extension and an app) that helps users to look up new words while surfing the web and study those words as flashcards on mobile.

As a founder and the only developer of Vocably, I'm responsible for:

  • Developing backend with AWS / GCP / NodeJS / Lambda / API Gateway / Cognito
  • Developing mobile app with React Native
  • Developing frontend/mobile experience (PWA) with Angular / Amplify
  • Developing Chrome Extension with Vanilla / Web Components
  • DevOps and CI/CD with CircleCI / Terraform / NodeJS / Zx / Bash
  • Testing with Jest / Cypress /
  • Market analysis, product marketing, cost and pricing analysis
Feb 2021 - Nov 2021

Athyria, Seattle, USA

Software Engineer, Contract

AWS Terraform NodeJS Angular OAuth

Completed two projects for John Deere.

  1. A system that receives, stores, and processes operation metrics from different types of vehicles. Mainly AWS, NodeJS, Terraform, DynamoDB, Lambda
  2. A sales tool that helps users to track, analyze, and predict various machinery metrics. Mainly Angular, OAuth, AWS, Terraform
Jul 2019 – Jan 2021

DAZN, Amsterdam, NL

Platform Engineer

AWS Terraform NodeJS GraphQL React Mobx Redux Webpack Jest Storybook

Improved the developer experience of software engineers of a high load media streaming platform.

Started as a front-end engineer at My Account team. Later as a full-stack/dev-ops engineer for the Developer Experience team which provided development, deployment, and automation tools for more than 60 teams and 500 people across DAZN Engineering.


  • Develop and maintain "My Account" section of the website. Mainly frontend with React / Mobx / Webpack / Jest
  • Develop and maintain various deployment and development tools. Full stack with AWS / NodeJS / NextJS / Webpack / React / Redux

Reference: Cirpo Cinelly, Engineering Manager

Feb 2017 – Jun 2019

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Schiphol, NL

Senior Frontend Developer, Contract

Angular Ionic RxJS NgRx Typescript SASS Webpack Jest

Real time fault tolerant mobile application used by 330 KLM mechanics at Schiphol airport to perform between-the-flight aircraft maintenance. The application displays up-to-date KLM's fleet schedule and towing information, helps team leaders to manage teams, and provides the scope of work for mechanics.


  • Incorporate business requirements into biweekly product increments


  • As a scrum team member, developed and launched a mobile app from the scratch
  • Open source library as a solution to common Ionic's problem. 1k weekly downloads in 2020

Reference: Önder Ceylan, Tech Lead

Jun 2014 – Feb 2017

Knab hypotheek, Amsterdam, NL

Senior Frontend Developer

AngularJS Karma Protractor SASS Gulp Bootstrap PHP Symfony MySQL PHPUnit AWS Heroku

Core front end developer of a fully automated mortgage advice system.

Started as a backend developer and eventually transferred to the frontend.


  • Developed new functionality
  • Conducted job interviews


  • Developed flexible registration process and 16 tools intended to gather detailed customer's legal and financial data
  • Component library as a result of collaboration with the design team
  • Introduced test driven development process with Karma and test automation with Protractor

Reference: Mark Sizoo, Tech Lead

Oct 2012 – Jun 2014, Mountain View, USA

Senior Frontend Developer, Contract

Javascript jQuery qUnit Grunt Selenium Compass/SASS PHP Zend Postgres

Core frontend developer of the world's #1 freelance marketplace.


  • Developed A/B tested functionality for company's crucial business component: Job Posting Engine
  • Conducted job interviews
  • Facilitated onboarding process


  • Developed and successfully launched job post engine: highly-configured job posting and rendering tool
  • Introduced test driven development process into the organization's development flow

Reference: Sean Kane, Vice President of Engineering

Career insights

2010 – 2012
Full stack freelancer (PHP, JS, SQL, Linux, CI/CD).
Successfully completed multiple small and middle-sized projects. Received positive feedback from all of my clients. Reviews are available here. Must be registered user to read all the reviews. Sorry.
2005 – 2010
Junior/middle full-stack developer (PHP, JS, SQL, Linux).
Significant experience was acquired while working on GameWatcher and
2000 – 2003
Worked as visual designer for a local TV channel. Acquired passion for objects composition, color matching and animation.


Masters degree in Computer Engineering. Sevastopol State Technical University [2002 – 2007]


Additional experience